Hello, and welcome to my website.  My name is Fikelephi Jackson. I have mentored people from all walks of life and I would like to share my story and  wisdom with anyone who wishes to better their lives. My goal is to provide insight and guidance to anyone in need. No matter your gender, marital status, religious preferences, age, or personal history, we welcome you with open arms. We invite you to take some time to learn about my journey from despair to fulfillment in my personal life, and how the lessons I have learned can help you and others, triumph over pain and adversity.

Mission Statement

To deliver and implement a message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness & redemption.

The Vision

  • Reach the broken hearted globally
  • See people’s lives healed, restored, and to help them to discover their true personal purpose
  • To love the unlovable, reach the unreachable and be the voice of marginalised people
  • Take the message of hope to the four corners of the world, especially in places where people are oppressed
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence against all men and women over the world
  • Build a safe haven where women can receive healing as well as practical advice on how to move forward in their lives.


Fikelephi has a strong connection with God and strives to share the wisdom and peace that this relationship brings her with others.  She has spent much of her time guiding and mentoring people in dealing with struggles they may face. Some examples of her many success stories include:

  • Families who are struggling to have children.
  • Helping single people through their faith to find a loving spouse.
  • To help allow their faith to restore a weakened marriage.
  • People who wish to enhance or kick start their careers, finances, ministries or families.
  • Families broken by domestic violence.