About Us


photoFikelephi (her name sounds like “Penelope”) Jackson is happily married to her husband Colin, and the mother of seven children. She is currently working as a Senior Banking Advisor in London.

Fikelephi became a Christian in 1989 and has not looked back since. As a Christian, she serves in various capacities in her church, including counselling, facilitating workshops, and teaching. Additionally, she serves as one of the Leaders in New Wine Church and is a prominent team member of its Women’s Ministry: Girlfriends. Fikelephi and Colin were recently featured on SKY 199 OHTV “Lasting Love”. They are also involved in fundraising events such as the 2012 Miss Black Africa Charity Fundraiser, where Fikelephi was one of  the MCs.

Fikelephi has been a strong mentor for  women over the last several years. One of the reasons she has been so successful in her work is that she takes the time to go through a healing process with those who have been hurt, abused, or battered. These women are from various walks of life and professions. As a result she has gained invaluable experience and insight into the problems afflicting people today, and uses that insight to further benefit those around her.

Her Story

Colin-FikeOriginally born and raised in Southern Africa, Fikelephi was forced to flee from her terribly abusive partner. In order to save her life and the lives of her children, she was forced to leave her children behind and fled to the UK.  Desperately missing them, but jobless and waiting on a pending immigration application so she could bring them to her, she began to lose hope. In her darkest hour, she became suicidal. She made an unusual vow to God: He would make Himself real to her in her situation, or she would take it as a sign that she was just too great of a disappointment to Him, and take her own life.

Not only did God come through for her with temporary work, but He sent a strong woman of God into her life who became her spiritual mum. Her life dramatically changed for the better as she drew nearer to God and found her purpose in life.

patienceHer relationship with God has helped her find lasting love and achieve personal fulfillment. He also gave her strength after her daughter Patience was killed in a terrible car crash. As she overcame her grief, she became more determined than ever to give those around her the strength to move past their pain and adversity.

Fikelephi is now the author of her new book  entitled, Against All Odds (I Survived), and is planning a second book to share what God taught her after her daughter’s tragic death.