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Dartford Library Book Signing – May 2013

In the afternoon on Saturday the 11th of May we were honoured with the presence of the new Mayor of Dartford, Counsellor Patsy Thurlow and her assistant, Denzil Reynolds, at our community library in the splendid Gallery.  In addition we welcomed our local Counsellor Jan Ozog.  Thank you to our Hosts, the Press and for those who also visited us at our local book launch event and over some light refreshments, purchased their very own signed copy of the book.  The author, Fikelephi Jackson,  as one of the local residents’ of Dartford, had introduced her new book entitled “Against All Odds (I Survived)” and also spoke a little about Domestic Abuse. Furthermore, she very affectionately, spoke about how she herself, became one of the locals in the area.


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The book itself brings out the key features around the mission statement for Fikelephi’s vision, which is a message of hope and restoration. It is based on the true story of Fikelephi’s life, in which she reminds us, the odds were stacked against her.  Fikelephi went on to tell the audience that these odds; were against poverty, war and abuse.  Yet despite all these she succeeds against the odds.  The crowning victory is after some ten years of battle, was when she rejoined her children.  In fact, one gets the sense that indeed, Fikelephi manages not only to survive, but to thrive against all odds.

Visit our products’ page to purchase your copy and be inspired.

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All proceeds  will go towards the new Community Interest Company (CIC) called Fikelephi Jackson, which is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO). The aim is to provide assistance to victims of abuse and discrimination and other beneficiaries of the services that will be made available to help fill existing gaps provided by Local Authorities and other Voluntary Organisations.

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  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up. “The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself.” by Rita Mae Brown.

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