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UK based charitable Organisation ‘Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) Mission to Malawi and Sierra Leone aimed at delivering a message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness and redemption was officially launched in a glamorous ceremony held at Hilton Hotel in London on Saturday, April 26th.

The glamorous occasion among others attracted a cross – section of people including Malawi’s High Commission to the United Kingdom, His Excellency, Bernard Sande, Prominent and renowned Guest Speakers Muzvare – Her Royal Highness Betty Makoni Author & Founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide, Nana Churcher of Nana Churcher TV Show, Pauline Long of Pauline Long TV Show & Founder of BEFFTA, Malawi Association UK (MAUK) Representatives, Minister David Adebale of New Wine Church & Founder of Systems4Living, Pastors and other Religious leaders, African beauty pageants and live musical performances from various celebrated gospel artists and Songwriters Obert Mazvisa, Jahmain King (Minister, Motivator & Musician) and Bella Jackson (Solo artist & Songwriter).

The evening event also coincided with the first anniversary celebration of the publication of the book ‘Against All Odds I survived’ authored by Host and Founder of Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) UK Charity, Mrs Fikelephi Jackson.

The launch was curtain raised by Praise and Worship with a prayer led by Remi Gberbo before celebrated Minister and Motivator, Gospel artist, Jahmain King took to the stage with a classic performance that entertained guests whilst they enjoyed themselves to meals and refreshments. Yet another performance of the night was by Bella Jackson a daughter to Mr and Mrs Jackson who sang the Against All Odds theme song that blow everyone away. The hit song is yet to be released.

Also performing on the night was veteran Gospel artist and Song writer, Obert Mazvisa whom unfortunately had to cut short his performance due to a technical hiccup. This, however paved way to Bella Jackson’s little brother, Dillon Jackson who entertained the gathering with his dancing antics instead.

Malawi’s High Commissioner to United Kingdom, His Excellency, Hon. Bernard Sande confirmed that Malawi government was keen to work with charities like the Against All Odds Still Standing which he said were interested to compliment with the government’s own efforts in addressing the plight of vulnerable people and in addressing social ills like domestic violence and other forms of human rights abuse, he noted;
As you can imagine, Hon. Sande said Malawi has its fair share of gender violence perpetrated mostly against women.” In order to address this problem, the Malawi envoy said, the government had adopted gender related policies and laws including a specific law to prevent domestic violence whose legislation he said was championed by the current Malawi’s president, Her Excellency, Dr Joyce Banda, when she was Minister of Gender, Children and Community Development.

Based on the laws and policies, the High Commissioner pointed out that the government was implementing programmes to address various forms of gender violence. He, however said that the enormity of the problem necessities complimentary efforts of other players. ”It is for this reason that the government was happy to receive Mrs Jackson and colleagues when they visited Malawi last year.”
He added that the government was particularly grateful to the charity for deciding on Malawi as the first country to conduct its programmes saying “he is happy that Mrs Jackson was able to go to the country last year”

”he actually looks forward and is happy that concrete programmes of the charity will now be implemented now that the charity was launched.
Speaking during her presentation, Mrs Jackson, fondly known by her peers as Sister Fike, told the gathering that her vision was geared to see peoples lives healed and restored by assisting them to discover their true purpose.

AOS she said had a multiple vision that encompasses among other things, restoration, reaching the unreachable, loving the unlovable adding ”but also be the voice of the marginalised through awareness about gender based violence.”

Mrs Jackson also noted that her Organisation was on a Worldwide mission with the goal of providing insight and guidance to people in need irrespective of gender, age, social status, religious preferences or indeed any other criteria, declared Mrs Jackson whose book ”Against All Odds I Survived” is soon to hit the big screen. Mrs Jackson is also the Proprietor of Fikelephi Jackson Ministries (FJM).
In her remarks Muzvare – Her Royal Highness, Betty Makoni, Author and Founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide said war had been declared on girls bodies such that it was a crucial situation that needed urgent attention, said the CNN hero, who also runs a two hour programme on the UK based Malawi’s online Pamtengo radio, empowering communities through her inspiring radio shows.

”It is a genocide, that ensures the females are systematically killed. So wherever you are in the World, please get down to action. We can’t allow enemies of children to do this,”

This, Muzvare said was a man made disaster that needed urgent intervention at whatever costs and risks.

Nana Chucher of Nana Churcher TV Show expressed approval of Mrs Jackson’s dream for having the heart to assist girls and mothers in Malawi. Nana therefore thanked the gathering for believing in Mrs Jackson’s dreams which she said would go a long way to touch the lives of children and women out there till Mrs Jackson conquers the World, said the TV host.
”Every pound, every penny what you have got, please support this wonderful charity because it is going a long way to support a girl, a mother to somebody that could be your aunt, family and with that, Mrs Jackson is gonna conquer the World.”

Speaking before fundraising, Pauline Long of Pauline Long TV Show & Founder of BEFFTA said it was possible to erase poverty and so was to alleviate every African child. Pauline added it was also possible to elevate every African woman from bedrooms to boardrooms, adding: ”It was therefore possible to raise funds for the Against All Odds Still Standing.”

Domestic abuse or abuse to women is something that governments and the United Nations has already given us its statistics, she said saying it was therefore time not to give statics anymore but getting into action by supporting Mrs Jackson.

”So I stand here to pledge my support to you beyond what, I will be acting because we all know what you stand for,” said Pauline.
All sales, proceeds and donations will go towards the charity work in Malawi and Sierra Leone.

In his closing remarks, delivering a vote of thanks, Mr Colin Jackson said he was moved with the tremendous support pledged towards the launch. He said it was overwhelming and most humbling experience having the most amazing people believing in Fike’s cause.

The Director of Ceremonies was radio personality and broadcaster, Andrea Graham. The event was streamed live by Patricia Peters on 247 Malawi with DJ Gnice on the decks under the assistance of Dave Chirwa for technical engineering.

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Andrea Graham
29th April

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I had a great time on Saturday Presenting Against All Odds Charity Launch on behalf of the beautiful Host & Founder Fikelephi Jackson such a great cause please check out for more information!! ; ) x — with Fikelephi Jackson and Colin Jackson.
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Patience Ndebele-Omijie Well done auntFikelephi Jackson…
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Sibo Chelsy Welldone Fikelephi Jackson!
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Fikelephi Jackson Andrea Graham Thank you for being the best MC @ Against All Odds Still Standing Charity we love & appreciate you. Thank for being part of my journey. Novuyo Ngwenya-Paradzai Patience Ndebele-Omijie & everyone following our journey and liking what we do. Thank you for your kind words. We need all hands on deck the work has only just began. Please inbox if you would like be a part of our journey.
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