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An Afternoon With Fikelephi @ Downham Library

The book tour now took on another level on Thursday, 18th July, which had a real meaning for Fikelephi because Lewisham is where she have spent most of her time whilst living in London.  After a introduction from Alan at Lewisham Libraries,  the Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, Cllr. Alan Smith gave an insightful summary of the very real concerns of DV and how he have found it in relation to this reading of Fikelephi’s Against All Odds. Fikelephi then went on to shared some fond memories of times she spend living in Lewisham.  Some of the happening, which are mentioned in her book as this is where some to the events took place.  The audience were captivated as she shared more about her struggles and successes through her speaking.

Using the illustration of Lazarus, Fikelephi, likened herself as coming forth from the dead, where there was no hope, and especially after three days of being laid to rest, everyone else had given up all hope, yet Lazarus was risen up again to life.   Against the odds of poverty, abuse and grief Fikelephi also have arisen.  She later took questions after signing her new book.

In attendance were  local organisations that were represented also, which turned out to be a great net-working opportunity.

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