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Womanhood Global Magazine Launch 2016

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Against All Odds Radio Show

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Against All Odds Radio Show:

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Fikelephi meets a twelve years old orphan boy

Mission to Malawi 2 Cooking Nsima with Matthew at the Namikazi Secondary School in Malawi. Matthew is an orphan fending for himself. Thankful, Against All Odds Still Standing Charity is taking on Matthew’s case.  He has become one of the beneficiaries to receive a Secondary School Scholarships.

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Radio Interview & Online Article

Against All Odds Still Standing’ to launch in the UK soon


Reproduced here with permission.       Interviewed by Pastor Phillip Kamundi on Pamtengo Radio.

Article by Ian Carter Phiri of Pamtengo Radio 

The Proprietor of Fikelephi Jackson Ministries (FJM) and author of ‘Against All Odds I survived’ has announced her plans to officially launch her UK based charitable Organisation “Against All Odds Still Standing” (AOS) aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence against all men and women by building a safe haven where women could receive healing and practical advice in order to move forward in their lives.

The AOS UK Charity launch expected to attract a cross – section of people from all walks of life is scheduled to take place at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside hotel in London from 6pm to midnight on April 26, 2014.

The event will host a couple of prominent guest speakers but also attractions like Mini Fashion Show by the African beauty pageants and a live musical performance by a resident Malawian artist besides a performance by Shanky & Bella. The launch also coincides with the first anniversary celebration of Mrs Fikelephi Jackson’s own book ‘Against All Odds I survived’ which among other issues conveys a message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness and redemption.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to Pamtengo radio at New Wine Church in Woolwich, London recently, Mrs Fikelephi Jackson said her vision was to see peoples lives healed and restored by assisting them to discover their true purpose adding: “Raising awareness about domestic violence against all men and women the World over and beyond is my organisation’s top priority.”

She added that her goal was to provide insight and guidance to anyone in need by taking the message of hope to the four corners of the World especially in places where people were oppressed, said the activist.
“I invite you to take some time to learn about my journey from despair to fulfilment in my personal life and how the lessons I have learnt can help others triumph over pain and adversity” said Mrs Jackson, in a very moving testimony flanked by her husband, Mr Colin Jackson.

She also pointed out that building a safe haven where women could receive healing as well as practical advice on how to move forward in their lives was what her Organisation stood for.

On another development, Mrs Jackson also revealed that her charitable Organisation ‘Against All Odds Still Standing’ was already working with the Malawi government such that it was in the process of registering her Charity in Malawi as well.

Asked why she chose Malawi in particular as her next destination for her project, Mrs Jackson said she was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Malawians had acknowledged respect for women by electing a woman president saying: “the fact that you have elected or nominated a woman leader tells me that Malawian men and women acknowledge that us women do carry something worth bringing on the table. And that for me is such a big thing about Malawi.”

She added: “You guys are so blessed beyond. And if there are any Malawians listening out there, you guys are such beautiful people and you have a woman president who is also so much inspirational to so many young girls and young women.”

The activist however said whilst she appreciates and credits the numerous Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s ) already operating in Malawi, she believes there was still yet nothing in place that was concrete to protect the lives of young girls and women against abuse occurrences.

Fikelephi, fondly known by her peers as ‘Mrs Jackson’ has a strong connection with God and strives to share the wisdom and peace that this relationship brings her with others. As such as an author, mentor and speaker, Mrs Jackson says she offers coaching sessions to many women who have been affected by physical and emotional abuse in the past.

“If I overcame it, I will do all I can to support others overcome it too.” declares Mrs Jackson whose book ‘Against All Odds I survived’ is already poising a big impact and touching the hearts of many women around the world today.

In her remarks, Veteran activist in the field of gender and expert adviser to UK’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, Betty Makoni who also indorsed Mrs Jackson’s book ‘Against All Odds I survived ‘said Fikelephi was a woman of strength, one that the World should reckon with.

As quoted in Fikelephi’s book Makoni describes Mrs Jackson as the invincible extraordinary woman whose story represents yet another forgotten generation of women who have waged and continues to wage war against domestic violence.

Among other issues projected in this book Mrs Jackson, views her book as the birthing room to where she underwent a wondrous transformation from a dark place to make an entrance for a great light that she is now spreading all over the World today. Mrs Jackson has made it her mission therefore to lift many women out of the same dark pit she was in a number of years way back.

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Inspiring Interview with Fikelephi Jackson

Inspiring Blog Interview with Published Author Fikelephi Jackson By Bertha Mukodzani

Bertha Mukodzani’s blog ). 

As well as entertain and inform, I aim to inspire on my blog and I had the pleasure of interviewing Fikelephi Jackson, author of the book Against All Odds (I Survived) whose work I find inspiring. Fikelephi is my kind of lady- strong, determined, God-fearing and doesn’t let any life’s challenges get in her way and her autobiography Against All Odds (I survived) as well as her life now is testimony of that. I hope her story will will leave you just as inspired as I was.
Thank you Fikelephi for joining me, I’m very honoured to have this opportunity to speak with you.
Thank you for having me on your blog!
Fikelephi could you tell us a bit about your book Against All Odds (I survived).
Against All Odds is based on my true story. An Autobiography. The story carries a message of Hope, Restoration, Forgiveness and Redemption. Against All Odds… I Survived also brings awareness on Domestic Violence.

What inspired you to write this book?
 As a survivor of so many odds (challenges) in my life, I have come to realise, that everything that happened to me was for a reason. Seeing other people going through similar situations like I did, this provoked my spirit and inspired me to write the book. In order to empower, to release hundreds of people from the guilt, the shame, the whole package and bring about a message of hope and liberty.
How did find the writing experience of writing this book? Were there any challenges along the way? If any what made you perservere to the end?
 Honestly, sometimes it was very emotional, as I had to revisit most of the painful events, also challenging, and then inspiring towards the end of the book as the story unfold, i.e. my turn around. Yes, I did find it very challenging at times, thank God, I have a very supportive husband and strong family members. I also had my team (Against All Odds team) who kept encouraging me to keep going as so many lives depended on this book ‘Against All Odds…I Survived’ not to mention my mentees, whose lives have been inspired, empowered and provoked through my mentorship. They, for years have been begging me to finish writing the book so that many people would benefit.
Can we expect any more books from you Fikelephi?
Yes, as a matter of fact, how Against All Odds…. I Survived ends, it’s just after my 22 year old daughter passed away tragically. The next book will be mostly about my daughter and how I overcome grief.
Where can people buy your book?
They can buy the book from the following outlets:
Nook, tba, only after next week,
New Wine International Book Shop, Gateway House, John Wilson Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 6QQ.
Who is your favourite author and why?
 Mike Murdock, Danielle Steele
And your favourite book.
The Unforgettable Woman (Ruth) by Mike Murdock
Before we conclude this interview could you give some words of encouragement to those who are contemplating on writing a book or embarking on some project which they feel may be a mountainous undertaking.
Well, firstly you need to consider why you want to embark into a project or write a book. Secondly, consider who your audience is. Thirdly, do your research on the subject you want to write about, i.e. has anyone else written about it and what would be different from yours. Finally, ensure you have a plan, strategy and time scales etc.
Well, you’ve heard the lady’s advice. Thank you very much Fikelephi for joining me today. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I wish you all the best in your future projects.
Thank you again for having me on your blog Bertha.Find out more about Fikelephi’ s servicves contact her by or e mail on
                                                        (c) Bertha Mukodzani 2013
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An Afternoon With Fikelephi @ Downham Library

The book tour now took on another level on Thursday, 18th July, which had a real meaning for Fikelephi because Lewisham is where she have spent most of her time whilst living in London.  After a introduction from Alan at Lewisham Libraries,  the Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, Cllr. Alan Smith gave an insightful summary of the very real concerns of DV and how he have found it in relation to this reading of Fikelephi’s Against All Odds. Fikelephi then went on to shared some fond memories of times she spend living in Lewisham.  Some of the happening, which are mentioned in her book as this is where some to the events took place.  The audience were captivated as she shared more about her struggles and successes through her speaking.

Using the illustration of Lazarus, Fikelephi, likened herself as coming forth from the dead, where there was no hope, and especially after three days of being laid to rest, everyone else had given up all hope, yet Lazarus was risen up again to life.   Against the odds of poverty, abuse and grief Fikelephi also have arisen.  She later took questions after signing her new book.

In attendance were  local organisations that were represented also, which turned out to be a great net-working opportunity.

DSC04390 DSC04428 DSC04452DSC04489DSC04442DSC04436DSC04536DSC04508


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Against All Odds Now on e-Books-Kindle, Nook & Kobo

The key features of this book are:

  • That it is based on a true compelling story of an African woman who survives against all the odds that are stacked up against her. These odds (or challenges) in her life, calls to attention of the Odds of;
    •  Poverty – Of a baby girl in Africa, born to a single mother
    • War – As a child she deals with the knowledge of her father who was killed for political reasons
    • Domestic Abuse – How she finds herself in a prolonged abusive relationship
    • Jobless, Homeless & Suicidal – After she flees, with low self-esteem, her struggles continues
    • Belief – Of her testing faith & tempting fate
    • Stigma – Relatives, Children & Marriage – Disgraced through her family, fending for her children & an ever seemingly illusive marriage
    • Grief – Having to deal with the sudden loss of her daughter
    • Empowerment – Strengthened, she discovers her purpose in life, from which all readers will benefit

How she deals with, survives and later thrives, with all these adversities are truly against all odds.

Write up your comment & reviews below.

Read the first chapter for free. click on the link:

PageLines- Fike.png

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Gravesend Library Book Tour – 28th June 2013

As part of our Kent arm of the book tour , on Friday afternoon, the 28th of June 2013, we continued with our roadshow at the Gravesend Library book event. The author & mentor, Fikelephi Jackson was on hand to once again give of her personal experience and talk a little bit about her new book entitled “Against All Odds (I Survived)”; She also brought about some awareness to do with Domestic Abuse. However, Fikelephi was keen to say the book itself brings a message of hope and restoration, this based on her true lift’s story, in which the odds were stacked against her. She succeeds against the odds of poverty, war, abuse, depression, rejection and grief. Fikelephi manages not only to survive, but to thrive against all odds. Event details were as follows:-

Light Refreshments was provided and we  welcomed the Mayor of Gravesham, Cllr. Derek Sales and his lovely wife, Pam who is also the mayoress alongside with other members of Kent County Council (KCC), such as Michael who is the Area Library Manager for the North West Kent area.  Also Genny Jones and Yetunde were there they both represented their local community organisations.  We were also blessed with the company for the day with Cllr. Lorna Campbell from London, Lambeth Council.  More books were sold to contribute towards the cause.

Enjoy some of the photos:

DSC04158 DSC04161 DSC04165 DSC04169 DSC04178 DSC04185 DSC04199 DSC04194 DSC04208 DSC04213






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Webcast Conversation of London Women

Fikelephi Jackson was part of a group of invited women where Jennette Arnold AM held a conversation at City Hall to discuss the concerns of London’s older women.

Bonnie Greer was the guest speaker, and set the scene for a broad ranging conversation.  This was an opportunity to discuss the key issues, concerns and aspirations of older women and to hear the views of women from across London. Jennette wanted to hear from individuals in London what their views are on this.

This event was broadcast live:

Watch the archive webcast at

Please interact via twitter.

The hashtag for the event: #LOW2013


IMG_0931 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0935

– See more at:

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Dartford Library Book Signing – May 2013

In the afternoon on Saturday the 11th of May we were honoured with the presence of the new Mayor of Dartford, Counsellor Patsy Thurlow and her assistant, Denzil Reynolds, at our community library in the splendid Gallery.  In addition we welcomed our local Counsellor Jan Ozog.  Thank you to our Hosts, the Press and for those who also visited us at our local book launch event and over some light refreshments, purchased their very own signed copy of the book.  The author, Fikelephi Jackson,  as one of the local residents’ of Dartford, had introduced her new book entitled “Against All Odds (I Survived)” and also spoke a little about Domestic Abuse. Furthermore, she very affectionately, spoke about how she herself, became one of the locals in the area.


DSC04072 DSC04063 DSC04067DSC04074 DSC04087


The book itself brings out the key features around the mission statement for Fikelephi’s vision, which is a message of hope and restoration. It is based on the true story of Fikelephi’s life, in which she reminds us, the odds were stacked against her.  Fikelephi went on to tell the audience that these odds; were against poverty, war and abuse.  Yet despite all these she succeeds against the odds.  The crowning victory is after some ten years of battle, was when she rejoined her children.  In fact, one gets the sense that indeed, Fikelephi manages not only to survive, but to thrive against all odds.

Visit our products’ page to purchase your copy and be inspired.

Book Cover Photo

All proceeds  will go towards the new Community Interest Company (CIC) called Fikelephi Jackson, which is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO). The aim is to provide assistance to victims of abuse and discrimination and other beneficiaries of the services that will be made available to help fill existing gaps provided by Local Authorities and other Voluntary Organisations.