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Against All Odds Official Book Launch

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all who attended the book launch. We were well over our numbers with a hundred and sixty people. But the Hotel coped very well and provided more chairs and food. The feedback was that everyone more than enjoyed the evening, with poems, music, book readings & a little wake up call to the issues of Domestic Violence. To which we fundraised & sold two hundred books on the night.  Through Fikelephi Jackson Ministries, proceeds, to go towards Mentees in need and other beneficiaries, including victims of abuse & bringing about awareness of this terrible crime.






Through the theme of International Women’s Month Celebration, we also like to thank all those who took part at this spectacular fundraising book launch event, from our special guest artists, speakers, royal & birthday presentations through to the benefactors who paid well over the retail price of the book. These are those who made a statement that want to make a full Stop! to violence against women and girls.

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The book entitled, ‘Against All Odds’ by Fikelephi Jackson was launch as part of the International Women’s Month Celebration. This Must-Have book is based on a true story which carries a message of hope and restoration. It will transform, liberate and change your life. Endorsed by the venerable Betty Makoni who finds in Fikelephi many women at grassroots breaking barriers who otherwise cannot share their stories. Betty sees a new leadership on domestic violence is emerging.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Fikelephi Jackson is a happily married mother of seven. She has worked in various capacities as a counsellor, workshop facilitator, public speaker, mentor and Christian minister. Fikelephi more than qualifies for the role of an advocacy for her cause, which is borne out of her personal experiences, which she has survived. She has committed this in her book about these experiences which she called “<em>Against All Odds.</em>” “<em>Against All odds</em>” It is an incredible story of her as a baby born in the regions of apartheid Southern Africa, from the very moment she entered the world she only had one parent. Her father already murdered for Political reasons. Fike grew up only to have to defy the bully of her partner, who equates violence frequently to a daily affair, she manages to escape, but with a weakened self image and bruised body. Now in the UK, she is shocked by the tragic and untimely death of her lovely, lovely angel of a daughter! How Fike, believes in hope, is truly against all odds.





Hence, her calling for the this work, much of which she has already been doing very successfully and feels it is now time to expand this work. <em>You are therefore, invited to make a purchase of this book and by so doing you will join Fike and many others who have already joined this philanthropic venture. </em> The book launch also consisted of a newly releasing theme song, which will be made available on CD soon.



All sales, proceeds and donations by benefactors will go towards the new Community Interest Company (CIC) called Fikelephi Jackson Ministries (FJM), which is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO). The aim is to provide assistance to victims of abuse and discrimination and other beneficiaries of the services that will be made available to help fill existing gaps provided by Local Authorities and other Voluntary Organisations.


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Welcome to our brand new website!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! We hope that all the Mums out there are sharing the day with someone you love.

Fikelephi Jackson Ministries is officially online! We invite you to browse the site and learn more about who we are and what we do. We have so many dreams about what we will accomplish in our ministry and can’t wait to get started!

Here is food for thought; your DREAMS ARE A MEMORY OF YOUR FUTURE! As you celebrate Mother’s Day we encourage you to ponder on this. What are your dreams? Tell is in the comments below!

Also I came across a lovely song for UN Women sung by women from all over the world. Hope you like it and please share it with a special woman in your life!