Fikelephi Jackson Ministries will provide subsidised Mentoring & Life Coaching services to people who are victims of domestic violence, vulnerable refugees, migrants and those in genuine need of the service who otherwise cannot afford the market rates. These initiatives we believe should help to relieve suffering where there are shortages or gaps in existing resources available from local government and other voluntary organisations. The benefits to the public are a reduction in the prevalence of traumatised families that will nurture a more wholesome and cohesive society. We will advocate for equality and diversity within the public at large which will enrich our communities by encouraging minority members of our society to become more involved.

We will also offer subsidised cost for women empowerment workshops and speaking engagement both within our local community and across the UK and beyond. The overall aim of this organisation is to empower those who would otherwise be at a disadvantage due to their very unfortunate life experiences. For example; victims of discrimination who are denied fair opportunities, or physical, emotional and sexual abuses which often lead to shame and withdrawal from society. This assistance can remove the disadvantages and therefore help to relieve the poverty and despair in which many find themselves.

The pinnacle of our endeavour is to establish temporary accommodation (safe Heaven) for vulnerable women. This in turn will give women the necessary space they may require including child care facilities, and give them the opportunity to heal themselves while working to regain their independence. We will offer empowerment programmes for those who have been distraught whether through civil war, tribal or religious contentions from their various countries or who are victims of domestic violence. They will have somewhere to stay and be fed and clothed as the case may be. This will help to take pressure off already over-stretched Government budgets due to the austerity measures and will augment the efforts of other voluntary organisations in the area and in turn have a positive impact on the public purse.

Fikelephi is also hoping to extend the services into other countries where there is much need.

Fikelephi is more than qualified to take on the challenge. Her experience, borne out of the adversity she faced from a very young age, has taught her a great many life lessons and combined with her faith in God, has moved her to create this ministry and help as many people as possible.

There are many ways you can help:-

  • One off donations or Monthly or Quarterly donations for:
    • Outreach
    • Mentoring
    • Life Coaching
    • General
  • Fundraising efforts towards:
    • Half–way House, for victims of abusive relationships where they can find refuge in a safe haven.
    • Orphanage, for displaced children and vulnerable widows.

For more information regarding our vision for these facilities, please contact us.