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Gravesend Library Book Tour – 28th June 2013

As part of our Kent arm of the book tour , on Friday afternoon, the 28th of June 2013, we continued with our roadshow at the Gravesend Library book event. The author & mentor, Fikelephi Jackson was on hand to once again give of her personal experience and talk a little bit about her new book entitled “Against All Odds (I Survived)”; She also brought about some awareness to do with Domestic Abuse. However, Fikelephi was keen to say the book itself brings a message of hope and restoration, this based on her true lift’s story, in which the odds were stacked against her. She succeeds against the odds of poverty, war, abuse, depression, rejection and grief. Fikelephi manages not only to survive, but to thrive against all odds. Event details were as follows:-

Light Refreshments was provided and we  welcomed the Mayor of Gravesham, Cllr. Derek Sales and his lovely wife, Pam who is also the mayoress alongside with other members of Kent County Council (KCC), such as Michael who is the Area Library Manager for the North West Kent area.  Also Genny Jones and Yetunde were there they both represented their local community organisations.  We were also blessed with the company for the day with Cllr. Lorna Campbell from London, Lambeth Council.  More books were sold to contribute towards the cause.

Enjoy some of the photos:

DSC04158 DSC04161 DSC04165 DSC04169 DSC04178 DSC04185 DSC04199 DSC04194 DSC04208 DSC04213






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