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Against All Odds Still Standing’ to launch in the UK soon


Reproduced here with permission.       Interviewed by Pastor Phillip Kamundi on Pamtengo Radio.

Article by Ian Carter Phiri of Pamtengo Radio 

The Proprietor of Fikelephi Jackson Ministries (FJM) and author of ‘Against All Odds I survived’ has announced her plans to officially launch her UK based charitable Organisation “Against All Odds Still Standing” (AOS) aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence against all men and women by building a safe haven where women could receive healing and practical advice in order to move forward in their lives.

The AOS UK Charity launch expected to attract a cross – section of people from all walks of life is scheduled to take place at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside hotel in London from 6pm to midnight on April 26, 2014.

The event will host a couple of prominent guest speakers but also attractions like Mini Fashion Show by the African beauty pageants and a live musical performance by a resident Malawian artist besides a performance by Shanky & Bella. The launch also coincides with the first anniversary celebration of Mrs Fikelephi Jackson’s own book ‘Against All Odds I survived’ which among other issues conveys a message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness and redemption.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to Pamtengo radio at New Wine Church in Woolwich, London recently, Mrs Fikelephi Jackson said her vision was to see peoples lives healed and restored by assisting them to discover their true purpose adding: “Raising awareness about domestic violence against all men and women the World over and beyond is my organisation’s top priority.”

She added that her goal was to provide insight and guidance to anyone in need by taking the message of hope to the four corners of the World especially in places where people were oppressed, said the activist.
“I invite you to take some time to learn about my journey from despair to fulfilment in my personal life and how the lessons I have learnt can help others triumph over pain and adversity” said Mrs Jackson, in a very moving testimony flanked by her husband, Mr Colin Jackson.

She also pointed out that building a safe haven where women could receive healing as well as practical advice on how to move forward in their lives was what her Organisation stood for.

On another development, Mrs Jackson also revealed that her charitable Organisation ‘Against All Odds Still Standing’ was already working with the Malawi government such that it was in the process of registering her Charity in Malawi as well.

Asked why she chose Malawi in particular as her next destination for her project, Mrs Jackson said she was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Malawians had acknowledged respect for women by electing a woman president saying: “the fact that you have elected or nominated a woman leader tells me that Malawian men and women acknowledge that us women do carry something worth bringing on the table. And that for me is such a big thing about Malawi.”

She added: “You guys are so blessed beyond. And if there are any Malawians listening out there, you guys are such beautiful people and you have a woman president who is also so much inspirational to so many young girls and young women.”

The activist however said whilst she appreciates and credits the numerous Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s ) already operating in Malawi, she believes there was still yet nothing in place that was concrete to protect the lives of young girls and women against abuse occurrences.

Fikelephi, fondly known by her peers as ‘Mrs Jackson’ has a strong connection with God and strives to share the wisdom and peace that this relationship brings her with others. As such as an author, mentor and speaker, Mrs Jackson says she offers coaching sessions to many women who have been affected by physical and emotional abuse in the past.

“If I overcame it, I will do all I can to support others overcome it too.” declares Mrs Jackson whose book ‘Against All Odds I survived’ is already poising a big impact and touching the hearts of many women around the world today.

In her remarks, Veteran activist in the field of gender and expert adviser to UK’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, Betty Makoni who also indorsed Mrs Jackson’s book ‘Against All Odds I survived ‘said Fikelephi was a woman of strength, one that the World should reckon with.

As quoted in Fikelephi’s book Makoni describes Mrs Jackson as the invincible extraordinary woman whose story represents yet another forgotten generation of women who have waged and continues to wage war against domestic violence.

Among other issues projected in this book Mrs Jackson, views her book as the birthing room to where she underwent a wondrous transformation from a dark place to make an entrance for a great light that she is now spreading all over the World today. Mrs Jackson has made it her mission therefore to lift many women out of the same dark pit she was in a number of years way back.

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