Thank you for those of you who have attended one of my Book Launches or our road show book tours so far,  for Against All Odds. Whether I waved at you, gave you a hug, signed my book for you, winked at you, shook your hand, spoke to you. You took your precious time to be with us, for that, I will never forget you… God will never forget you. Please follow me on and Like my Facebook Page, . Watch this space as we continue with our Book tour, for an Evening or an Afternoon with Fikelephi Jackson near you.  For more information or if you would like an Evening with Fikelephi Jackson email  God bless you all Fikelephi Jackson, Author – Mentor – Speaker & Crowned Agent of Change.


Pastoral Care

Fike (short for Fikelephi) has been anointed with the grace of God and has been helping others find their way in His teachings.  Her Spiritual Gifts have been especially helpful with:

  • Women who are barren from having children
  • Women trusting in God to find a life-time partner in marriage or with marriage restoration
  • Women who want Godly counsel to enhance or kick start their careers, finances, ministries or families

Fikelephi has also learned ways to comfort women who have suffered both physical violence and sexually abusive relationships.  Through her own experiences, God has placed within her an unusually keen ability to emotionally heal and restore women’s confidence, and uses her unique God given talents to minister to as many women as God sends her way.

One to One & Group Ministration Services

  • Mentorship & Life Coaching
    • Ongoing individual or group programmes.
  • Consultation
    • Consultation/s for both Individuals or Groups of people.
    • Barren women – who are trusting in God for the gift of the womb.
    • Marriages – individuals who are seeking a life time partner in marriages or who are looking to restore their existing marriages.
    • Abused women – who have been hurt in the past or who are still currently in a physically, emotionally or sexually abusive relationship.  Please go to the contact page and get in touch for assistance.
  • Advisory services
    • Finances – One off and ongoing individual consultations.
    • Sign post to other partner organisation’s services.


Fikelephi’s relationship with God has inspired her to share her gifts with people all over the world. She is well known in Christian Circles and is being asked to speak and mentor more and more often. God has been telling her that it’s time for her to spread her wings and touch all those in need. She carries a message of restoration and empowerment, and can help those who have trouble hearing from God to know Him better. She can travel anywhere that she is needed to be an inspiration, a teacher, a guide, and the prophetic voice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Guest speaker
    • Apostolic & Evangelical ministry
      • I.e. spreading the word of the Gospel of Salvation & of the Kingdom of God – Worldwide at mission outreach, conference and summits
    • Message of Restoration
      • I.e. Restoring people’s lives – Worldwide in conference, summits & workshops
    • Prophetic Ministry
      • I.e. speaking into the lives of people – individually and at conference and seminars
    • Workshops events
      • Restoration Event / Workshop
      • Special themed workshops, ect
      • Breaking the circle