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On Sunday the 22nd September at the Hilton Dartford Bridge Hotel in Kent, UK, guests who were  cordially invited to our joint celebration of the official Pre-Launch Party of ‘Against all Odds Still Standing’ Charity (AOS) & Fikelephi Jackson 50th Jubilee Birthday celebration; Celebrates were thrill with enjoyment and at the excellence and standards set at this event.

The programme for the night was in aid of our upcoming Mission trip to Malawi where we are planning to help victims of gender based violence (GBV) and Orphans. As we continue to raise funds, we  appeal to you to support us by giving donations toward this mission trip – please click on the donation button on any of this website pages. Any amount will go a long way in helping those in need in Malawi – by your giving in this effort, is good ground for your own seeds of blessings. 

We are also expecting to continue to raise funds to support our work in Malawi with your support and generous giving towards a sustainable programme of restoring lives and building hope. Watch out for the full report in November once the Mission to Malawi team returns. 

  New AOS Flyer

A warm welcome was extended by Colin Jackson co-founder of the AOS Charity for this special fundraising event.  Much fun and entertainment was enjoyed by all in attendance for this very worthy cause, as we welcomed our special guest artists and speakers .  As you can see Fikelephi have met with the Malawi High Commissioner, Mr Bernard Sande, here in London and with his blessings we are taking this work forward. Donations, of clothes and medical supplies were made and pledged on the night. We will reach out to victims of GBV, Widows and Orphans with love.  As well as take with us accredited Midwives to Malawi.

We thank Fikelephi for taking the bold step in organising the forthcoming Mission to Malawi, where Fikelephi will take a team with her to extend the time and resources to help fellow women in need.

Without the help of our dearly beloved brother, we may not have started this venture and so we must also extend a very  special thank you in advance to our partner organisation on the ground in Malawi, to Mr Moses Devlin Busher, who is the Executive Director of  the Centre for Children’s Affairs Malawi  and the country representative of the  Organisation of African Youth (OAYouth).

Make your comments in the comments box below and in particular those who were at the event, please reveal the testimony regarding the cake?

Please contact us via the contact or products’ pages with any questions you may have. Thank you.

Fikelephi met with his excellency the High Commissioner of Malawi.

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 High Commissioner representative checking out the programme for the pre-launch of ~AOS evening with Fikelephi


1263038_10152214508764112_1636600675_o  Our MC for the evening was our beloved sister Nadia Gyane.

Appointed Director of AOS and midwife Samu Tennyson gives a presentation for the upcoming mission to Malawi. She will also form part of the AOS team going to Malawi to give of her time and help towards the delivery of babies for a day and share her experience with other women in Malawi.


Miss Black Africa Ruvimbo, winner of 2011 beauty pageant

1267196_10152214509399112_1079456873_o  Ruvimbo Chinzou is also a founding member of Inflame and fundraiser for charity that helps African children. She will also form part of AOS team going to Malawi.  Here she shared the vision of Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS).

See below the news report for the event.  Enjoy some photographs of some of the guests for the night. 

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News report: 

Fikelephi Jackson is an author of her first book titled Against All Odds I survived. Fikelephi has announced her existence in the literary world in a profound manner.

Her hallmark is distinguished by excellence and elegance. Those who graced the pre-launch today at the Hilton Hotel in Dartford will testify to the excellence and elegance alluded to here.

High profile personnel were in attendance, the representative of the Malawi High Commission Ms Mercy  Tahuna was in full force and in support of the work spearheaded by Fikelephi Jackson and her team at Against All Odds Still Standing. Mrs Jackson was proud to welcome the Malawian representative and to thank the Country’s President for her invite, which she gladly accepted. “Mrs Banda is an amazing woman whose interests in the safety, empowerment and the general welfare of women is unparalleled in the African continent” Mrs Jackson enthused.

Pastor Obert Nkala and his famous wife Mantongade were in also in attendance, including pastor Ndlovu who prayed for those who will be travelling to Malawi. Musicians and poets were in full force. Mantongade later on moved the whole house through her powerful music.

Mrs Jackson’s sentiments were corroborated by Mrs Samukeliso Tennyson, who is a specialist Midwife, who will also form part of the entourage to Malawi. Mrs Tennyson’s speech was factual and academically grounded on latest research findings, findings which clearly revealed the improvement in the lives of expectant mothers in Malawi.
Mrs Tennyson pointed out that last year she organised midwives in the UK and travelled to Bulawayo and volunteered their professional services at Impilo Hospital. She said that after the trip to Malawi they will be back at Impilo Hospital with more midwives.

Against All Odds Still Standing is a new Charity organisation which will be launched next year on the 27th April 2014. The Charity has already started working, today as a means of raising funds, Against All Odds Still Standing organised a dinner function which was well attended and Mrs Jackson’s book Against All Odds I survived was on sale. Another lady responsible for fundraising led an interesting session, where she pledged to purchase the book at the cost of £30, people kept on out-pledging her like in an auction and the book went at £50. The retail price of the book is £9.99. Some people were buying 3 books a £20 each, some at £30 each. I am sure that the Charity managed to raise a good sum of money. With visionary people like Fikelephi at the helm it is no wonder that the Charity will only grow from strength to strength.

Ms Chinzou, a very young and beautiful lady articulated the mission of the organisation in an amazing way, she said of the logo “The logo for Against All Odds Still Standing is that of an eagle, an eagle stands for freedom, in spite of its enormous size, the eagle still takes flight seemingly effortlessly. Lesson:-Don’t allow the illusion of limitation to ground your flight”

“Against All Odds Still Standing’s mission is to empower victims mainly of domestic abuse, rebuild lives and restore hope” Ms Chinzou explained.

By Thulani  Woyane



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