Welcome to our products & services page.  If you require “Against All Odds I Survived!” book please see below for a choice of the hard copy or the e-book on Kindle, Kobo or Nook.  See below to purchase your very own copy or order the book or any of the services as a gift for that special person who will be inspired, as well as for someone in need of the book and services’ insights. This book can also be used as an empowerment tool to propel the reader and user into a meaningful destiny.  For orders of our past fundraising event’s photos please indicate on the inquiry form below. Thank you for your interest.



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Coaching enables people to achieve their desired results and fulfill their potential. It is also a way of empowering people to organise their thinking, gain clarity of their goals and add positive change to their lives.

In coaching, we support clients with their choices and support them to utilize their internal resources to facilitate desired outcome.  For services of your choice, please fill in the contact inquiry form below. We can offer Fikelephi’s very unique coaching or mentoring programme in your choice of support.

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