Below are some written and recorded testimonies from people whose lives have been changed for the better by sharing their time with Fekelephi and following her guidance.

Brenda Banda Chombo (Gospel Musician in Malawi – Chikwawa) writes:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you Madam Fikelephi, your partners and the entire team, who thought of Malawian women and girls who have been victims of domestic violence, widows and orphans. This project has proven to be essential in this country with clear evidence of lives transformed in just a few days you were here, I hope you are planning to continue and sustain this project because the demand for such programs in this country is so high, please remember other districts as well especially Chikwawa.
Your visit left a huge impact so much and it is my prayer that you establish infrastructures that will shelter these women and girls, thanks again to Nana Churcher and Sonia Rock for giving the shoulders for the broken to cry on, all the donation both in cash and kind, the school fees you paid for those girls, may the lord bless you for having our country at heart.

 Esnart Busher writes:

Against All Odds Still Standing visit to Malawi was a good mission in the sense that we have more victims of Gender Based Violence and people they don’t know where to go with their cases. I found this visit of importance as the team have seen themselves the problems women and children are facing because of Gender based violence and poverty. I am pleased to see some people being adopted and some given school sponsorship. I am very happy with this charity work as it has touched some rejected and forgotten souls here in Malawi. I would love this should be the beginning not the end because there are a lot of people who need to be reached with these services and I request when coming next time we should have enough time to visit more districts and touch more lives. I have liked the organization and it would be good if we can have this project here in Malawi to change lives of victimized people. Finally, I thank you the Founder of Against all odds still standing, Nana Churcher and Mrs Sonia for your coming to Malawi for this mission, the donations, school sponsorship and adoption was amazing and am short of words but I am very thankful. It’s my plea that you open offices in Malawi in a similar project. God bless you for charity work you are doing. Esnart Busher, Malawi

Peh Isaacs writes:

Salima district is a district found in the central region of Malawi. It is most comprised of Lake Malawi so it is a Tourist District. Most of its Residents source their income from fishing and farming. In terms of development, it is partly developed. Being a tourist attraction District, it has a high rate of its population being illiterate as most young people like in boys abandon school for fishing and girls for marriage even prostitution so there is a high percentage of HIV contraction, early and forced marriages among young girls.

I write in review of  Against all odds visit to Malawi recently. I had a chance to meeting the team on Sunday the 27th of October 2013 in Area 25 Lilongwe at God Consuming Fire Ministries where the Against All Odds team visited and made prayers. I met with Mrs Fikelephi Jackson and Nana Churcher where I narrated my life story. They offered me Spiritual and physical Inspiration and promised to help me get up on my feet in terms of a career. For the short while Against all Odds visited Malawi, they have managed to touch a number of lives and given them hope. They have a Message of Hope. From my encounter with them, I got the opinion that Malawian women can benefit a lot from Against All Odds not only in terms of receiving, but inspiration as well. They can be more independent and aspire in life by not looking down on themselves and do great things in society. I met them for a short time, our discussion didn’t last 30 minutes but I was highly inspired. So if Malawi could have more organisations like Against All Odds, we can be singing another song in terms of poverty eradication in women, women empowerment and yes our girls will have a different view of life and will live to aspire in life. The inspiration such women can get from Against All Odds am sure should be enough to bring a change upon the lives of our women.

 Help to Find  Loving Companion:

“I was at a point in life where the desire to be married was almost greater than anything else. However, as with a lot of single ladies, I went to meetings, prayed, fasted and did the ‘usual’ things. I listened to advice of the elders when they said ‘it will happen’, but nothing seemed to change. 

Little did I know that at the same time I was praying for a mentor, God spoke to Fikelephi about me.

Fikelephi didn’t come to mind initially, but for some reason everywhere I turned she was there, even when I was online, she would pop up on my Skype contact list and drop me a hello message. Then there was the fateful meeting at a girlfriends retreat. 

Within six months of our constant praying and fasting, my husband showed up! The way he did and how he showed up was as a result of God’s faithfulness in answering our prayers.

Because of her testimony; what she has had to go through, she has an unshakable compassion for women; young, single and married alike. She has a desire to see women living the life that God has ordained them to be.

My husband and I are thankful for her compassion, obedience to God and her continuous love and support for us as we embark on the journey of marriage. If she had not been willing to be a mentor, our story would have been different, or we might not have had one.

Much Love, Chris & Remi” 

Guidance on Relationship, Academic and Career:

“Fike has been a great person in my life. I had been following her for a while because her manner, carriage and attitude was worthy of emulation. I approached her and asked if she could mentor me and she agreed.

Despite her busy schedule Fike, meets with me every week, counsels me, prays for me and shares her gems of wisdom with me. Ever since my encounter with her, a lot of things changed in my relationship, my academics and my career. They all took an upward spiral.

Fike is a woman of strength, a woman who despite all odds has pulled through and draws many along with her to the place of victory. I am so excited about the book “Against All Odds” I know it will be a blessing to million.”


Testimonial Video Clips: 

The Gift of Children

Fikelephi mentored and prayed with a young couple struggling to have a child. They have since had 2 children!

Propelling Me into God’s Path

Sister Fike is one of the warmest human beings I’ve met in my life. She exemplifies the Love of God in its pure form. She has the Christ like ability to connect with people regardless of their station in life from ‘greats to the least of us. She comes along on your journey whatever it is and this is resonant in all the testimonies about her. I thank God for her exemplary life.

In the area of the Prophetic and Faith ministry, she is gifted and I have personally encountered this

In early 2007, we were in church when an announcement was made of our Pastor’s impending marriage. As we all got up to pray, Sister Fike who was in a row seat ahead of me suddenly turned round, took my hand in hers , twirled my 3rd finger in a ring manner and said “You are next”… I was absolutely flabbergasted by this act as totally unexpected. At that point in my life, my mind was completely veiled to the idea partly due to certain inandvertent life events. Within a few months by the miracle working power of God, my husband came into my life right there in church and we got married a year later under the mighty working power of God. I have no doubt that the prophetic act and declaration of Sister Fike was part of what released a cascade of divinely orchestrated events that propelled me into the pathway of God’s will for my life in the area of marriage

The 2nd notable included a very difficult situation where several people had unsuccessfully tried to engage with a young teenage girl with a potentially life shortening condition. The Lord led me to take on the task of finding her and completing the loop. At that time in my life, Sister Fike was praying with me on a weekly basis and I mentioned the situation. She prayed with me and declared that God will do it. In a space of 24hours, I made physical contact with the girl and her mother which was a miracle! The rest is history. This young girl’s life was promptly rescued via a lifesaving op which occurred following a period of intense support and preparation. There was great applause but I know that the faithful prayer of Sister Fike played a huge part and I thank God for her caring and sensitive spirit.

God continually bless you Sister Fike!


Mrs Ify Ume

Loving Yourself as God Loves You

Helping a young single mother find the strength to believe that God made her a mother because He knew she would be a good one!

A Friend During Life’s Challenges

A young couple struggling with anxiety before the birth of their first child found comfort in Fikelephi’s wise counsel.

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  1. Praise the Lord Fikelephi,
    It is wonderful. I visit half of your website but I already like it. All the testimony are heart touching. Specially the couple who wait for 9 years to have a baby. I am in same situation now and more difficulty. But God is going to change my life. Please pray for me. Thank you. God bless you, your family and your ministries.

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